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For Canadian Buyers

If you are a Canadian citizen, know that we have a long history of representing Canadian buyers. We know the ins and outs for Canadians, and we know whom to recommend escrow and title companies, accountants and lenders who specialize in working with Canadian Transactions. Here are just a few things to consider:


It’s pretty easy for Canadians to buy property in our area

As long as you are looking for a vacation home, or a second home (not a primary residence), it’s relatively simple for Canadians to purchase homes in our area. We have a long history of representing Canadian buyers in their purchase of a second home in the Palm Springs area, and we also know the resources you will need to complete the transaction.

You need a valid Canadian passport to purchase property here in California. You don’t need a U.S. Social Security number, but you do need a local bank account. You will need to fill out a few forms in the process, and we can recommend escrow companies and title companies that have long histories in representing Canadian buyers.


Ways to take title to the property

Canadians have options in how you take title to your home in the Palm Springs area. Many Canadians purchase their second home in their own name, many choose to take the title in the name of their Canadian companies (corporations, LLC’s, etc). Additionally, you can consider creating a “cross-border trust”. Many Canadians are choosing to utilize this vehicle as opposed to purchasing it as a personal asset or in a Canadian corporation, due to the potential tax liability. But be sure to check with your accountant, who can advise you on which vehicle is best for you to purchase the property.


Buyers Don’t Pay Real Estate Commissions

For most homes sold in our area, the seller pays the real estate commissions for both sides of the transaction. So you can work with a real estate agent, and it will cost you nothing.


Mortgages are available for Canadian buyers

When you purchase a home in the Palm Springs area, you can be confident that mortgage programs for Canadian buyers are plentiful here in our area, as many of our buyers are Canadians. The only real requirement is that you open a bank account here, and the home must not be your primary residence. We can help you find lenders with mortgage programs for Canadians. We have worked with many Canadian buyers and know which lenders can help.

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